Livestrong day is a day to recognize and support the millions of people who are currently living with and fighting cancer. We picked Gus to represent the House of Cats in our picture, because, well, he is our yellow cat, and it is a yellow day!

Almost a year ago, we lost our boy Floyd to lymphoma, which is a very common cancer in cats, and we lost my mother to breast cancer in 1994. My father, who passed away in 2003 also had colon cancer, and while it wasn't what took him, it was certainly part of the problem.

Right now there are millions and millions of people living with this disease, and there are lots of pets living with it too. We wish that this day didn't need to exist - we wish that no one had to go through what our loved ones went through, and we wish there was a cure. So if you haven't already, please, think about joining in and going yellow to show your support! You can learn more about this event at

And remember - LIVESTRONG today and everyday!


(You can visit us at House of Cats)