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Posted by Ann Adamus, Zoolatry, October 2015

The World According to Garth Riley: LIVESTRONG!

In 2007, my black lab brother Jake died of cancer.  He was only eight years old.  My mom and dad were devastated, because Jake was their first and only child, and he was everything to them.  (They hadn't met me yet.)

January 19, 1999 - December 1, 2007

In Jake's memory, mom, dad and I have formed a team to participate in the 2nd Annual Mutt Strutt to help raise money for Fetch-A-Cure, a Richmond, Virginia-based nonprofit organization that educates people about canine cancer, its prevention, and treatment, and helps people pay for cancer treatment for their dogs.  If you would like to join or sponsor our team, check out Team Garth's Fundraising Page.


The Carolina Cats LiveSTRONG

Our LiveStrong Day post is in honor of our furry good Grampa. Although he is a 2-year bladder cancer survivor, the fact that he had the cancer and surgery to remove the tumor still affects his health today.

Last week, Grampa was in the hospital for a few days and Finny went to visit him! Mom carried him into Grampa's room in a special tote bag and nobody even knew! It made Grampa furry happy to see his furend Finny. Gramma was furry happy to see Finny too, so we're glad Finny was brave enuff to go on this speshal visit.

Today, we also honor the memory of mom's furend, 

 Bobby Piampiano

and the Zoolatry Girls' Poppy Vic

and owr deer furend, Lilly Lu.

Mom Nora

Animal Shelter Volunteer LiveStrong - 2012

Today is LiveStrong Day. Our lives - like so many others - have been touched by cancer, most recently when our dear Auntie Kathy lost her battle on September 2, 2012.  All of us here at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life join in love and support of all who have come face-to-face with this terrible disease. We remember family and friends who have lost their respective fights, and rally behind those who are still fighting.

A collage of Auntie Kathy through the years, created by her brother Eugene (our uncle)

Lloydie the Cat, who was dearly loved by PAWS' volunteers and staff
Some of the friends we lost in 2012

We know there are so many other friends we haven't mentioned here.  Even if your name isn't included in this post, you are still in our thoughts, prayers and purrs.  For all of you, and for everyone still engaged in the battle against cancer, we wish for strength, hope for miracles, and pledge to Live Strong.


Kevin (meowmeowmans), Tracey, Sammy and Moosey
Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

The Doxie's Livestrong 2012




Today, I post for my Dad. He IS a cancer survivor.

Grandpa Bob

Celebrate all things yellow today in honor of ALL cancer survivors!


And we lovingly remember those who lost their battle...
My Sister-In-Law ~ Iris

Our sweet furend ~ K

 Pray for a cancer free tomorrow...

Mommy Kim

Livestrong Day 2012


Our friends Milo and Alfie from The Cat's Meow started Livestrong Day on the Cat Blogosphere three years ago!  Each year the entire CB joins in to support the global campaign by going yellow.  

Too many of our family, friends and furries have been touched by this horrible disease so we unite today to remember those who have lost their battles, celebrate survivorship and commit to working towards a world without cancer! 

When I say Livestrong I like to say Lovestrong also.  Please be sure to Lovestrong all those who are precious in your life, be they two or four legged, because we never know what the future holds!

Casper, Benjamin and Archie say Livestrong!

So does wee Jimmy.

Love to all,
Cat's Cats

We live strong in memory of those we have lost to cancer and in honor of those who are still with us.

Cathy Keisha LiveStrong 2012

I bow my head to the anipals and humans in the CB and Twitter, who we lost in 2012 to the Big C.

I know our lives aren't complete without our beloved family members lost to cancer.

Here's looking at Gramma, Grandpa, Autumn and Faith E. Gurl!

Can we please find a cure?

LiveStrong 2012 ~ Milo and Alfie

This is the 3rd year we have celebrated LiveStrong Day. We started LiveStrong on the CB because our dear friend Vic had cancer ~ so it seems right that today we should dedicate our special LiveStrong post to him. He fought the fight bravely, he LivedStrong. We love and miss you Vic.

Victor Mathew Adamus
December 27, 1947 to September 18, 2012
We are heartbroken.
Love and soft gentle purrs for Ann and the Zoolatry girls and the whole family from us all.

  Love From Jan, Milo and Alfie xxx

Alasandra, The Cats & A Dog LiveStrong

In the memory of all who have lost their battle with cancer and in  honor of all who are continuing the fight. ~Alasandra, Fenris, Socks, Scylla (& MIA Artemisia)

The Florida Furkids LiveStrong today

Today we turn our blog yellow to join our pals throughout the blogosphere who are participating in the 3rd annual LiveStrong Day.  Our Pals Milo and Alfie and the Zoolatry girls first posted about this day and you can read more about it HERE.  We've seen way too much cancer over the last year and we are purring and praying for a world without cancer.

We celebrate Auntie El who has been through a rough time in the last year.  Auntie El has just started chemo again in her fight against this terrible disease.  We're purring and praying that the treatments go well and that she is healthy and strong again soon.   Auntie El LivesStrong every day!  She had Chemo yesterday and did we purr and pray that her blood levels stay good and that she doesn't end up in the hospital again.

On September 21, 2010  we lost our sweet sisfur Sniffie to cancer.  We miss her very much and hope that she and our pal Sweet Praline and Little Beignet (who also went to the Bridge because of cancer) and our furriends  Parker Pie  and  sweet Sadie from Beaded Tail are having a good time together at the Bridge.  Poppy Vic from Zoolatry also was taken from us by cancer.  We purr and pray every day for the Zoolatry family at this sad time.

If you would like to see the official LiveStrong slideshow visit the LiveStrong blog.  Many thanks to Mom Chandra from Life from a Cat's Perspective for doing the slideshow.

Cancer is a terrible disease, one that rarely shows any mercy.  We have probably all had some dealings with it in one way or the other.  Our human family has been very fortunate and hasn't been directly affected by cancer.
However, over the years we have lost five members of our canine family to cancer.

Today I would like to remember our five brave dogs and introduce them to you.  If you have any time and would like to read their entire stories on my personal website, the link to their individual story is embedded in their name.

The first dog we lost to cancer was our dear
Samantha had both liver cancer and a brain tumor.  The brain tumor took her life.

SABRINA was our second Doberman lost to cancer.  She began her journey to Rainbow Bridge on her 6th birthday.  Liver cancer spread to many parts of her body but she never complained until the very end, nor had any symptoms, leaving us in shock when we got the diagnosis.

In 2003 we lost our TIFFANY after a nine-month battle with Hemangiosarcoma cancer.

Our sweet SERENA was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and then developed osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in her rear leg.  The cancer spread to her shoulder but the vet was able to successfully remove the tumor on her shoulder.  She was not a candidate for amputation due to her bad heart.  At about the same time that she developed cancer, she also became blind.  One night about 7 months later I told her it was ok to leave for the Bridge if she had to and that I would be OK.  She passed away quietly about 15 minutes later when her heart just stopped beating.  I believe to this day that she was waiting for me to tell her I would be alright before she could leave.

Our most recent loss was TUCKER.
There were no symptoms until one day he started coughing.  The emergency clinic we took him to first believed he had pheumonia and found the tumor in his lung by way of an x-ray and biopsy.  We had to let him go exactly one month after the diagnosis and four chemo treatments.

Benji is our very silly boy who has proven to be a fighter.
He was diagnosed with cancer in March of 2012 and given only 2 months to live.  We are now entering his 7th month of survival.  We know this cancer will eventually end his life, but we're happy and thankful that he has the willpower, courage, and strength to fight as long as he can.  His age is against him as he is going on 17 years old.  This in itself is a true inspiration to all who know him and especially to his family.

Cancer is truly a deadly disease that we just can't sweep under the rug and hope it'll go away by itself.  We all have to keep fighting, like Benji, and we have to do all we can to help find the cure.
Once again Blogville is joining together with Power of the Paw in the hope that maybe this will be the Year of the Cure!  One day the "C-Monster" will just be a thing of the past and we can say WE WON THE BATTLE!

We Love You!
DaWeenies of Florida 


                  In honour of all our friends and four leg friends, fighting, surviving and sadly lost the fight. A special memory of Vic who so recently lost his fight.. GJ Carol and Barrie xx


We at Team Beaglebratz are 
taking a bit of a break already from 
DIVA Shasta's birthday month 
in memory of, to pay tribute to and 
in honor of 
all those loved ones and 
both friends and furrends 
who have 
battled cancer, are battling cancer and 
those who have fought the good fight and 
have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.
Most recently of course,
my sister lost a good furrend-
her McKailie 
 We have lost both our mom (colon cancer)
and our dad (lung cancer).
We have lost relatives to cancer.
We have lost friends to cancer - 
a really good friend of ours beat her cancer only
to lose her battle due to complications
from aggressive cancer treatment-
Christine you were way too young 
and we miss you.
I have lost co-workers and 
have 1 co-worker who is presently 
cancer free. 
A therapy dog group member, 
who is also a co-worker just found out 
her dog Riley has
osteogenic sarcoma.
DIVA Shasta's boyfurrend here in Blogville,
have both battled cancer-
Seamus just recently for the second time-
both are doing very well.
It is way past time for 
more happy endings like theirs
and less endings with the cancer winning.
We pray for all

~Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta~
We would like to thank 
Ann, Maggy and Zoey from
for all the wonderful 
Livestrong art.
Ann just lost her husband 
Poppy Vic to cancer a little over a week ago.