The Florida Furkids LiveStrong

Over the years we have lost many friends and family to cancer.  On September 21, 2010  we lost our sweet sisfur Sniffie to cancer.  Angel Sniffie was loved by so many and we know that she is happily playing over the Bridge with her husband Nimbus. 

Our Auntie El fought long and hard in her battle against cancer.  She left us in May of 2013.   We know she looks over us and is always with us.

Now we face another challenge because our Dad was diagnosed with a super duper rare form of cancer on his nose.  So rare that, in fact, Dad's radiation doctor took it to the Tumor Board and they had a specialist in Miami consult in his case.

Dad is in the middle of 6 rounds of week  with one drug, second week with two drugs followed 24 hours later with a Neulasta week off.  Repeat 6 times.  He's had some bad days this week with water retention and bone pain.  Please keep him in your purrs and prayers. After his chemo, he will have 6 weeks of daily radiation followed by a "maintenance" pill forever.  We love our Daddy and want him to get through this and be 100% healthy again.  Have we mentioned that we HATE cancer?