I'm Still Living Strong

Hello...............I'm posting today in honor of LIVING STRONG because I am a Cancer Survivor.   There's nothing more uplifting than hearing from survivors - at least that's what I found as I was dealing with cancer myself.  

A brief history of my cancer journey would be 1985 cervical/vaginal cancer with resulting hysterectomy, several skin cancers including squamous cell, deep melanoma on my leg followed five years later by recurring melanoma in lymph node with resulting year-long chemo treatments.   But here I am - going strong - believing that I will NOT deal with cancer again.   It's what you do as a survivor......you BELIEVE and LIVE STRONG.

To anyone who has lost a friend, relative, or pet to cancer - I know how tough it is.  Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and  think positively because that truly DOES help.   Stay positive, get healthy again, and continue your life journey with a smile.
Me and my cat Sam.....who has been with me through two cancer surgeries!
Thanks to Ann for letting me post my story of HOPE.
Pam Kimmell