LiveStrong Day ~ October 2, 2010 ~ How It Began

Dear Supporters,

When we first heard that LIVESTRONG were hosting a global awareness day on October 2nd 2010, and were encouraging everyone to show their support by wearing YELLOW that day ~ we knew we had to join in. And since we are Cat Bloggers ~ we thought the best way to do this was by going YELLOW on our blog and asking our fellow bloggers to do the same. We had no idea that we would get so much enthusiastic support ~ and we cannot thank you all enough. Ann at Zoolatry kindly created the wonderful LiveStrong cat-image for us ~ and quite quickly after our first post about our intentions, we noticed the image appearing in blog after blog in the sidebars. We cannot thank yoo all enough.


Yoo may be wondering why we got involved? Well we were greatly saddened when we heard that "Poppy" (Ann's beloved husband Vic) was fighting cancer ~ and we felt helpless and wanted to show our suppport to Vic and the whole family. Our involvement in LIVESTRONG has always been about Vic. We also became aware that some of our other dear blogging friends were fighting cancer, or had died of cancer (MaxDog, and later Sniffie) and this broke our hearts too.

We should also point out that cancer (we always spell it with a small c as we don't want to give it more power) is a subject very close to our hearts as many members of our hooman family and friends have had cancer.

Mom is a survivor, she was diagnosed with CHONDROSARCOMA (primary bone cancer) in 1995 ~ and had her most recent surgery (a bone graft) in 2009. Dad was diagnosed with skin cancer this year ~ and had to have surgery this summer. Mom's first ever kitten (a beautiful beloved grey boy called Confucious) died of Feline Leukemia. Mom's beloved father died of prostrate cancer. Dad's beloved mother died of pancreatic cancer. Mom's dear and best friends, Gilly and Rod, both died of cancer (malignant melanoma, and liver cancer). Mom's uncle is currently terminally ill with prostrate cancer, and mom's daughter-in-law's father has prostrate cancer. We know all about cancer and the sufferings it can bring.

Of course Mom knows many SURVIVORS too; as a member of a cancer support group she came to know many fine people who have survived cancer, and many decades later still live healthy, full lives. Cancer is not the kiss of death that many people fear ~ mom has survived 17 years so far ~ and her prognosis is excellent.

So we thought that by going YELLOW we would be showing our SUPPORT ~ and help raise AWARENESS ~ and maybe some people would DONATE to LIVESTRONG ~ and what better way could there be than by joining in a global awareness campaign that brings people together to push for better treatment, more cancer funding, and access to care for everyone? That's the idea behind LIVESTRONG ACTION. And in the process we could be showing our love and support for Vic ~ and every other hooman and animal out there who is fighting cancer. (Treatment Plans and Cures that are found for cancer in hoomans benefit animals in the long term too as the knowledge cascades ~ and that is equally impawtant to us).

So THANK YOO from the bottom of our hearts for joining in, and supporting us in supporting LIVESTRONG. We believe in the Power of the Purr.

Love Milo and Alfie xx
PS: Don't forget to visit us on Saturday October 2nd 2010 ~ oh ~ and in the meantime, LIVESTRONG!