In 2011 my son found he had cancer.  It was a horrible blow to him and to the rest of us in the family who love him.  We'd any of us have done anything to take that away from him so he needn't bear it.  But parents' love can't do that though we would sacrifice even ourselves to take it away from their children of any age, having to bear.

In 2012, it metastasized and he had cancer again.  That too was operated on and chemo was given.  No radiation for liver cancer.  Does irreparable harm to the liver.

In 2013, end off the year toward 2014, a PET scan showed frightening things.  All were biopsied and all were negative but they were too afraid not to operate and see for themselves.  All was well; but a place that likely would have turned cancerous was removed against further development and the rest was scar tissue showing up in red for some reason.

I am here to say I hate cancer, the fear it incites and the dread you have with each scan and subsequent visit to the oncologist fearing the worst.  Family members suffer the same anxieties as the patient.

May my son not have to face it yet again.  May someone somewhere find a way that would make it  dealt with with good result.  Too many family members from babies to grandparents are affected as are the family who stand and wait helplessly by.

Just my experience referencing  my son.

Love to all,

Katie's Mom