Livestrong Everyday

Lucy is the first cat that I have ever lost to cancer.
It frustrates me to know it was lurking inside her with no visible signs until it was too late.
Sadly, this is often the case with people and pets.

I have lots several members of my family to cancer. My grandmother ( Mom's Mom) succumbed to a brain tumor when she was 59, my grandfather had pancreatic cancer and a beloved great-aunt had lung cancer.

Next month is 10 years since my neighbor, fellow cat-lover and dear friend lost her battle to lung cancer. She was only 47. I know she is in Heaven taking care of all the kitties at the Rainbow Bridge. 

I pray several times a day that my Mom's cancer does not return and now as my sister begins her own battle I will be praying for her as well. I will also pray that everyone fighting this awful disease wins their battle.