Meowing for LiveStrong, from The OC in SoCal!

Just call me Old Yeller, um, I mean "Yellow"!
Hi there, Nikita Cat, here!

Today is a special day among the humans, and among us Cats, and other Animals, as well.
You see, we can get Cancer, too.

The LiveStrong Charity, and all its related programs fights to improve the lives of all who are affected by cancer, and have been doing so, alongside Lance Armstrong, and many others, since about 1997.

The Cat Blogging Community, around the world, has joined together to show our support as only we know how. ;-D

Daddy Kiril had an Aunt & Uncle, he was born in the first decade of the 20th century, she 10 years after that.

They met, and married, in the 1930's, but could never have children of their own, so they adopted a baby boy they named Lawrence.

The 40's saw them leave Kentucky, and by the 50's they were living in Ca..

In the late 60's they made a friend who raised purebred Boxers for show, and they soon adopted one from a litter, in about 1969, and they named her BabyGirl.

Pat, and Pop, were life long smokers, however, and they smoked a lot.

It all finally caught up with them, and he died in 1978, and she died in 1980.

Daddy, and I are doing this post, for them, and for their precious BabyGirl, with whom they re-united in Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you, one, and all! From those who made this all possible with the blog, slideshow, badges, special photos, & more, to those who have posted their stories, here, and on their own blogs!

From Daddy Kiril, Elvira Mistress of Pussydom,
and me!

Nikita Cat

Professor of the Nikita Institute of Pussydom Studies (NIPS): The Most Opinionated Cat in America, With Talent on Loan from THE CEILING CAT!