My before mommy was named Kitty.  She always wore her favorite yellow sweater. She died of cancer after four short months. During those months she LIVED STRONG! One beautiful evening watching the sun set over the desert she said these unforgettable words to us, "I never knew how beautiful life could be."I am a cancer survivor. I had a huge tumor on my belly. Two Easters ago it was removed. I am a very happy cat at almost 18 years old. I live each day to the fullest and know I am valuable to those I share my heart with. My tumors are slowly growing back again...I did not want to tell you that but I feel I need to set a good example for LIVESTRONG. We can endure with courage and dignity...keep the faith and have hope that we might inspire someone along their rocky road. Thank you for being my friends and helping along on my road. I know one day I can sit in my mommy Kitty's lap and meow to her, " I knew how beautiful life was and now I am here with you forever." Till that fateful day comes...it is business as usual at the cozy cottage. Days filled with love and beauty and a few tack weeds here and there.