Eric and Flynn LIVESTRONG.

This time last year along with many others wedid our first ever LIVESTRONG post. We would like to thank Milo and Alfie, and Ann of Zoolatry for all the work they put into it to enable us to take part again.

LinkIt gives us the time to stop and remember all our friends who lost their brave battle and have gone to The Rainbow Bridge. We also are thinking of those who are still fighting against cancer and send our purrs to all those affected to give them the strength to win through. Then there are those who have won against all the odds, the cancer survivors. We all know of many of our friends who were taken by the evil C and we are purring for all the furries, be they cat, dog, bunny or guinea pig and of course all those not mentioned.

Last year we put up this graphic in memory of our mum's mum and dad. Little did we know then that our mum would also be a cancer survivor. She first noticed something was wrong at the beginning of the year and made an appointment to see her doctor. She could have seen a practice doctor the next day but she thought it was just "Women's Troubles" so when told she couldn't get an appointment with her own doctor for a month , she wasn't worried. From when she saw her doctor, she saw the gynaecologist, had a biopsy, was diagnosed with cancer and had her operation all within two months. She was lucky, it was caught early and had not had chance to spread. She still has to go for check ups every three months, but that is good because if it does return it will be found right away.
So what we want to say is if any of your family think something is not right, DON'T IGNORE IT!! DON'T BE EMBARRASSED!! Go and get checked without any delay.
We are sending our purrs to all our friends who have family or friends who are bravely battling the disease. With all our support we can help them beat it.