Jans Funny Farm LiveStrong

Hey, Sam here from Jan's Funny Farm.. Today we are here to honor those who have fought or are fighting cancer. Over the years we have known many who have been touched by this disease, whether human or furry. Some have won. Some have put up a long, hard fight but lost the battle.

We post our blog header here because it will be replaced in a few days with the autumn header, but we don't want to forget why we created it.  Cancer doesn't just affect the life of the patient, but family and friends also.

We have sometimes felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of people we are aware of who are suffering with some form of cancer. And each year we lose a large number of blogging furry friends to lymphoma or another type of this illness.

We post this in memory of all those we have lost and in honor of all those currently fighting to win.