Welcome to LiveStrong 2012

Dear Supporters,

Last year we initiated a LiveStrong event paw in paw with Zoolatry on the CB which snowballed, and many of you joined us by going yellow on your blogs to support LiveStrong Day on October 2nd 2010 and again on October 2nd 2011.   It was a wonderful day and we cannot thank you, our supporters, enough.

Below: Milo, the Zoolatry girls, and Alfie working paw in paw to support LiveStrong in 2010!

Well October 2nd 2012 is LiveStrong Day again ~ and we would like to stage another CB event to show our continuing solidarity and support for ALL our friends who are still currently battling cancer and all the other 28 million cancer survivors, and their families, worldwide. We would also like to honour the humans and pets who have lost their lives to this horrible disease ~ including many of our beloved furry friends  from the CB.

Would  you join us and go YELLOW again? 

All you have to do to take part is:
  • Put a predominately YELLOW image on your blog and FB page (if you have one) on October 2nd 2012
  • Or turn the blog background YELLOW on that day
  • Or post about those members of your family, or friends, (human or furries) whom you wish to honour who  have lost their lives to cancer, or who are currently fighting the disease, or who are survivors (You may want to re-cycle last year's post ~ or prepare a new one)
  • Or do any cancer related post
  • Or just post a fun pic of yourself playing with something YELLOW!
THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for joining in, and supporting us for LIVESTRONG past.
We hope you will all join us in supporting LiveStrong Day 2012!

 We believe in the Power of the Purr.
Love Milo and Alfie xx & Maggy and Zoey xx

Dear Friends,
A few words from the Zoolatry Girls:
to all bloggers, those who blog lovingly of their cats and dogs,
but others who have a story to tell ~ you are invited and encouraged to post here
with us, anytime on or before October 2, 2012 and of course,
post to your own blog on the event date.
You may wish to re-post from last year [so many of you had such
amazing postings, we think revisiting them would be wonderful]
or post new if you prefer.